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What do people in Brandenburg think about their mobility?

Mobility is part of our everyday lives. Mobility enables us to work, see friends, experience sports & culture or do the weekly groceries. However, long distances and heavy traffic can cause stress and harm the climate. How well one can reach businesses, childcare or shopping facilities from one's place of residence also plays a major role.

As a citizen science project, we are working with the participants of the exhibition Tomorrow in Brandenburg. Workshop for futures, in order to explore where mobility in Brandenburg is particularly well organised and where there is the greatest need for improvement. Photos of these places will be displayed on an interactive map. The focus is on the everyday experiences of the people of Brandenburg with their everyday mobility.


What experiences do you have with mobility and transport in your everyday life?

Become part of the exhibition and send us your photos of places in your neighbourhood where mobility is particularly well or particularly poorly organised. This can be a road junction, a cycle path or a train station. It can also be the bakery in the village that makes it possible to get fresh bread rolls on Sundays without having to use the car.

You can submit your photos via this contact form. We will display the submissions on the interactive map.