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Marlene Sattler bei der Velo-city in Ghent: „The cyclist had no chance.“ On the discourse about cyclists killed in Berlin 2016 – 2021″

Juni 20um12:00 - 13:00

From research to practice: The role of perceptions and narratives in shaping mobility 

 20 Jun 2024       12:00 – 13:00        ‘T KUIPKE (Purple room)       Lectures
Academic sessions: From research to practice

How does the way we see and talk about cycling influence policies and planning? This session will offer a perspective on the perceptions and narratives that shape the discussion on mobility and cycling. The research contributions will explore how attitudes, discourses, representation in the media and political considerations frame cycling promotion and the mobility transformation.


Grant Ennis

Author „Dark PR“
Monash University
Paris – France

Dennis Knese

Professor for Sustainable Mobility and Cycling
Research Lab for Urban Transport
Frankfurt – Germany
Presentation title: Bikelash: Media Influence and Public Perception in Cycling Infrastructure

Lindsay Broadwell

PhD Researcher
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam – Netherlands
Presentation title: Velomobility and the Netherlands: Narrative Imaginaries and Mobility Transitions of the Past, Present, and Future

Marlene Sattler

Research associate
Technische Universität Berlin
Berlin – Germany
Presentation title: „The cyclist had no chance.“ On the discourse about cyclists killed in Berlin 2016 – 2021

Sandra Wagener

Senior Scientist
Institute for Transport Studies, BOKU Vienna
Vienna – Austria
Presentation title: Cycling – healthy and environmentally friendly – but still not my cup of tea? – Children’s attitudes towards cycling


Gent, 9000 Belgien
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