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Müller, S. A.; Charlton, W.; Conrad, N. D.; Ewert, R.; Rakow, C.; Wulkow, H.; Becker, S.; Conrad, Tim; Nagel, K.; Schütte, C. (2021). MODUS-COVID Bericht vom 05.02.2021.
Foto: IASS [Lotte Ostermann]
Photo: IASS [Lotte Ostermann]

Change in the activities "shopping and leisure" (red) and "work" (turquoise). The black line marks the point when the Corona-ArbSchV legislation (which obliges employers to allow employees to work from home) came into effect:

Source: Google 2021

"From the mobility data, it appears that contact reductions were adhered to by the population in a disciplined manner. If an incidence of 50/100,000 is reached, slight relaxations are possible. However, too much relaxation at this point in time would lead to an immediate increase in the number of infections. Political and social consensus must be that R<1 is the political goal. We are pleased that Prof. Sophia Becker has contributed to the report this time as a guest author, among other things to bring in a behavioural psychology perspective."