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This chapter is devoted to mobility in France and Germany. First, key mobility indicators for the two countries are presented. This shows that private motorised transport still dominates in both France and Germany. Despite many negative effects on the climate, but also on health and quality of life, no far-reaching measures have been adopted.
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Commuting by bicycle or on foot is beneficial for health and wellbeing. However, cycling and walking alongside road traffic poses the risk of air pollution and noise exposure. The perceived exposure to air pollution and noise en route and the momentary sensory awareness in traffic has rarely been investigated. This study addresses this research gap. The aim was to examine cyclists’/pedestrians’ sensory awareness, perceived and measured exposure, and practices to reduce health risks and improve wellbeing en route.
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Der MODUS-COVID-Bericht vom 05.02.2021 beschäftigt sich mit den aktuellen Kontaktreduzierungen und möglichen leichten Lockerungen. Sophia Becker hat am Bericht mitgearbeitet, u. a., um eine verhaltenspsychologische Perspektive einzubringen.
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Prof. Dr. Sophia Becker, Leiterin des Fachgebiets Nachhaltige Mobilität und transdisziplinäre Forschungsmethoden an der Technischen Universität Berlin, nahm am 19.01.2021 auf Einladung der Fraktion DIE LINKE. als Sachverständige an der Anhörung des...