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Stark, Kerstin; Schuppan, Julia; Kehlbacher, Ariane; Jarass, Julia; Gebhardt, Laura (2021): Urban Mobility, Working Culture, and Administration during the Covid-19 Crisis: Adjustments for a Resilient City. In: Pierre Filion, Brian Doucet, Rianne van Melik (2021): Policy and Planning - Global Reflections on COVID-19 and Urban Inequalities Volume 4. 159-167.
Cover: Bristol University Press and Policy Press


Cities play a major role in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic as many measures are adopted at the scale of cities and involve adjustments to the way urban areas operate.

Drawing from case studies across the globe, this book explores how the pandemic and the policies it has prompted have caused changes in the ways cities function. The contributors examine the advancing social inequality brought on by the pandemic and suggest policies intended to contain contagion whilst managing the economy in these circumstances. Offering crucial insights for reforming cities to be more resilient to future crises, this is an invaluable resource for scholars and policy makers alike.