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Renn, O., Becker, S., Gaschnig, H., Götting, K., Lilliestam, J., Schäuble, D., & Setton, D. (2019). Carbon Pricing for a Socially Just Energy Transition. IASS Policy Brief, 2019(10). https://doi.org/10.2312/iass.2019.058


With reference to previous empirical findings by IASS and ENavi researchers, the following chapter shows that while people in Germany generally support the energy transition (Energiewende), they believe that the implementation process is socially unjust and badly managed. Furthermore, qualitative investigations conducted in the context of civic forums show that, in the opinion of forum participants, a flat rate reimbursement of revenues to all citizens would be neither just nor effective. Based on these findings, the following chapters make concrete proposals for measures that could be financed using revenues from carbon pricing in the electricity generation, heating and mobility sectors. All of these measures have been designed to fulfil the two objectives prioritised by surveyed citizens: targeted reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and financial relief for households that would otherwise be overburdened by high energy prices. The policy options described below contribute in one way or another to fulfilling both objectives. They are summarised and appraised in the last chapter.